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Hot Sauce, Cold Showers & Low Skills!

Now you knooooooowww I have a serious problem with this! I know this clip is not new, but it warrants a response because it is still circulating and potentially influencing other people. There is a reason behind a child misbehaving in school. Punishing or torturing him or her does NOTHING to solve the problem. The behavior by the mom in this video is chipping away at the spirit of this child so strongly! His lying is fear based and she is reinforcing his fears and potential hate for her. The mental trauma from these actions will develop into who knows what when he becomes an adult, and any woman who remotely reminds him of his mother will cause a reaction in him that will only end up adversely. Our children will not feel safe talking to us, let alone trust us if they fear us. She is probably doing to him what was done to her on some level. Time to RAISE OUR SKILLS AND NOT OUR HANDS to rear and discipline our children. be sure to find out how in our book at

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