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Beating Black Kids

Raise Your Skills and Not Your Hands to Discipline Children.




Raise Your Skills and

Not Your Hands When RearingChildren



Dismantling the negative effects of hitting our children and even worse being hit AS children, takes a lot of work.  Our workshops shift and shape our views aroung this issue, using hands on activities and lively discussions to tackle the topic.

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This little book is making a BIG impact! Filled with true stories from a variety of people, Beating Black Kids has parents look at the pain caused to them growing up and helps them make better decisions about what they are going to do with their children in the future. Some of it will make you laugh. Other parts will make you think, but everyone comes away with better things to do and in the end, they create happier children.



Our clients reflect a myriad of institutions that service families, students, social workers, and educators.  Any group that values the positive development of children, benefits greatly from exposing the people they serve to this book and its workshops.

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"This is a book filled with pre-mature wisdom! It needs to be shared throughout the planet! ”

Documentary, The Last Resort




Who Are They

Pass the Baton

You Got Chosen



First Exposure

Feelin' It



Spare the Rod


Shut Down

It Don't Work

Empty Words and Threats

Who's Got Skills

Clothes, Food and a Roof

Unplay the Messages 

No Time Out

Let Em' Live

and MORE!

Ruth Mama Long, Elder Spiritual Guide

Chicago, IL

Enjoy and Abide by the Parental Code of Ethics too!

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Asadah interacts with moms and dads on the streets of NYC, gifting her book and granting new ways of empowering our children.

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