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Your workshops created a way to implement a nonviolent child rearing approach. You have enabled parents to re-direct their children consciously while reiterating the past that our ancestors had to endure pertaining to violence. You're a pioneer in seasoned form.

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Winter Savage, BSW, VA

Raising Our Skills, Not Our Hands (ROSNOH) is an anti-corporal punishment training program, based on the book, Beating Black Kids (BBK). BBK is a book about not having to hit children to rear them. These workshops help adults find better ways to rear children without using violence. People ask, “Where can we send people to experience your workshops?” ROSNOH sessions are the answer. The book is used to teach and encourage the participants who learn and develop all throughout the training.



1-day sessions: These are shorter, in-house organizational trainings that help participants assess their challenges with children while working them toward solutions.




“Raise Our Skills, Not Our Hands,” is an 8-week parental training workshop, where parents learn greater techniques for getting greater outcomes when raising their children. The first half of the sessions deal with “past reflections.” Steps to enhance current family growth, are only made once we have addressed the parents’ past experiences. Participants engage in hands-on activities that review and breakdown their own past experiences for the first four weeks, and develop solutons for their current family problems during the second four weeks. Homework will be given to parents each week to enhance their family’s experience, on a gradient. Portions of the training will be videotaped and displayed at the culminating celebration, for participants to enjoy and view highlights of their experience. All activities in this workshop derive from the teaching and advice found in the book, Beating Black Kids, the facilitator’s book on not having to use corporal punishment to discipline children.



 Before They Hit trainings are for teen mothers to premeditate good parenting and elimanate any ideas of incorporating violence into their plans of raising children. These workshops will be conducted through organizations that service young mothers


"You have a rare gift of not only presenting information, but also inspiring immediate change from your audience with your down-to-earth style along with your powerful message. Following your program, I listened as fellow attendees discussed how to implement Beating Black Kids into parent training programs, how they were going to work to change their behaviors as parents themselves, and others who left ready to challenge their friends to reflect on how hurtful and painful their upbringing had been due to the accepted abuse by their parents and grandparents."

"A Call to Arms" 

Spank Out Day workshop at Old Dominion University, April 15, 2014

Sarah SterzingNorfolk Ready By 5, Norfolk Department of Human Services

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