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Mother of one biological child and a teacher/mother to many, Asadah is no stranger to raising children. Asadah has been teaching in classroom settings for over fifteen years, and provided youth development and parenting workshops for ten years.  She was an Administrator of an afterschool program and an Outreach Coordinator for a parenting program; both in Harlem, NY. Being an educator, Asadah learned to handle problems with wisdom and not violence. Her sincere care for the welfare and outcome of the lives of her students can be seen through her actions and heard from the comments of the people she serves. Beating Black Kids is Asadah'’s first published book and her way of getting her viewpoint and solutions out to the entire world. While she has welcomed many thanks for creating this work, Asadah is also courageous and certain enough to handle the many challenges that come from those who feel beating Black kids as a normal practice.

They Shared Their Stories in the Book!

"I must've instilled a certain level of dignity and respect because my children absolutely do not tolerate anyone putting their hands on them. Indeed, a small victory on my part, because after all, I've managed to break the cycle and heal."

Ibi Aanu Z., Teen Fiction Writer and mother of 3, NY

"I feel like if you raise a child correctly, where they respect you, you won't ever have to hit them." 



Herbert B., Youth Advocate, NY

"There is a part of me that's still afraid, because of the messages I haven't unplayed from my childhood." 



Dale W. T., Author's Godmother,  NY

"I did have a problem with consistency with my children, but realized that consistency is the key, or the 'rod' that you must not spare."

Fiyah O.., Web Designer, GA

"When I was younger I didn't get beat much by my mother, because I was pretty much a good girl. My aunt was the one who was impatient, and she would beat us for just about anything."

Danielle B,  Case Worker, NY

" With the LOOK, a parent goes from being content to suddenly being upset.  The child changes his or her behavior almost immediately.and no one gets hit.  I can get with that."

Rick H., Head of Maintenance, NY

"Beating does not work because the kids get hip to it." 



Vanessa T.M., Afterschool Program Director, NY

"I can truly say that whipping did not help my children. It didn't make them better people. Instead it made them very angry people, determined to do whatever they wanted to do." 



Shekhinah B.I., Vegan Vegetarian Chef, NY

"Our kids don't have to stay where they live. As they get older, they learn more by exploring the world. You want your kids to expand their minds."

"The main thing I try to remember as a mother is that my children are human beings and they are lifetime friends."

Mother of 7 Home-schooled children, IL

"Childen come into this world with no instructions. Once they are in your presence and your environment, the first thing they want to gain is trust." 



Samantha D., Licensed Child Care Provider, NY

"Although the bruises to the body heal, one cannot take back bruises to the soul."

Tanya J.B ,Beauty Consultant,


"My theory is to let kids live! Let them do their own thing.Don't chastise them. Don't point the finger. Compliment them."

Gail R.,  Beautiful Friend and Ancestor, NY

Brian G.,  Computer Technician,  NC

"When my mother beat me, I woiuld do everything in my power not to cry. When she saw beatings weren't going to work, she decided she would give me little speeches. When she started talking TO me and not AT me, then I released all of my emotions and cried because I understood what she was trying to convey to me."

:They can be whatever they want to be and they can be observant. They can make choices and they can be in control of their own destinies, as long as they know themselves and their Creator."

Malik M., Senior Broker, NY

Vanessa L., Digital Photographer, GA

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