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We Turned Out Fine COMEBACKS!

Now...the subject of giving children whoopins, pops, beat downs, or whatever you want to call it, needs some handling. Most people I encounter who are against corporal punishment, get attacked by pro-spankers who spew their violent views against children, causing the non-spankers to "cower," and not feel comfortable about their stance.

WEEEEELLLLL...I decided give some comebacks I use when people are trying to defend hitting children. MAYBE I WILL MAKE THIS AN ONGOING SECTION!


(Turning Out Fine)

Pro-spanker: "I got beatings and I turned out fine!"


"Is that all you're aiming for? Fine is soooo average." (If they try to hurry up and change "fine" to "great" or "excellent," quickly tell them, "nooooo nooooo! That's not what you said. Don't try to change it now!"

"We got lynched as a people too, and are still here. Did the lynching make us better too?"

"Yeah, turning out F.I.N.E. = Failing Indefinitely Never Emerging. Look at our communities and know why there is little evidence of our collective growth."

(I have to give this one up to Nadine Block, another powerful child advocate)

"We don't know what you would have turned out like if you weren't beat, now do we?"


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