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Celebrity Non-Spankers Part #4

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh Malik Yoba is against hitting his children! Maaaaannn...when you click on his name and read that article you gon see why! matter what a person may grow up to be...those mental and spiritual wounds are still open. Thank goodness for those who choose to act differently with their own children, because violence was used to "discipline" them. The big tragedy becomes when a person mimics what they experienced as childen. Uuuuhhhh can you say Adrian Peterson. Corporal punishment weaves a wicked web and can debilitate generations of it has in the Black community. It's not important to me how famous a person becomes, if they are still suffering with maladjusting memories of how they received pain from the people who were supposed to be pleasing to them. Thank you for sharing your story with us Malik. Happy to see you chose to do better.

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