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Celebrity Non-Spankers Part #3

Now I am not a big Dr. Phil viewer, but I have to give props where props are due. He laid it out calm and simple for these parents. What spanking, hitting, popping or any type of corporal punishment, does to a child, goes beyond just fear. Adults that spank are usually not aware of how they are affecting their children physiologically. Folks want to be mad when the grades in school aren't making it, but they are not taking responsibility for how hitting their child affects their aptitude or IQ level. There's no thought of the effect corporal punishment has on their child's ability to think clearly and effectively...simply because parts of the brain have not had a chance to develop, due to early life violence. AND THE DESIRED RESULT THE PARENTS WANT NEVER REALLY COMES!

Getting degrees and good jobs don't mean nothin! Just look at each individual who's been spanked and observe the social ills. They are there. Just look. There are INCREDIBLY effective alternatives to using violence with children. I made sure to include many of them in my book. We can and MUST do better.

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