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Celebrity Non-Spankers Part #6

YES YES YES and MORE YYAAAAASSS!!! Our First Lady Michelle Obama and our President Barack Obama said it clear as day! "WE DON'T SPANK," they said. "You don't have to," Barack Obama said. Michelle said her father just told her he was disappointed in her, and the tears would come streaming down.

WHEN... YOU... DON'T... HIT... CHILDREN... THEY... CAN...MAKE... SENSE... OF...THEIR... LIVES... AND... REEEEEEAAALLLYY...TRUST...YOU... AS...THEIR... PARENT. If I have a conversation with you, and you disagree, and I haul off and smack you, you are absolutely NOT going to respect me afterward or have a reverence for me on any level. I will appear irrational to you. You will be disappointed in me, because I displayed behavior you did not expect of me. Understanding comes from learning and reasoning. When pain strikes, thinking things through and appreciating anything in that moment, just doesn't exist. Even in childbirth. Think about it ladies. All too often we have watched women say things in the heat of pain that they would not normally say. Pain brings on a whooole host of different thoughts and emotions that do not foster good feelings and growth. AFTER the pain we talk about "no pain no gain" and all that other malarky, but not during.

When a child can focus on how much you love them (not how much you SAY you love them, but how much they FEEL loved), their thoughts contain ideas of production and imagination, not fear and resentment. Our children should not have to spend time wondering why the people who are supposed to be nurturing, are causing them pain. That becomes confusion. Thereafter, we begin to see that confusion manifest in aaaaallll kinds of areas in their lives...subtlely and overtly. THANK YOU FOR THIS PROCLAMATION PRESIDENT AND MICHELLE OBAMA!!!! I been done loved you before and extraordinarily love you even more now! Your parental leading by example instills an even higher faith and trust in you now, than ever before!

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