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What's With The Parents Who Think Hitting Their Child is Okay

Criticizing parents who hit their children can be a week long discussion. In the recent case of the woman who hit her son, when she caught him protesting in Baltimore, many folks had a ton to say about that mother, both for and against her. Well guess what. There's stuff brewing in her world from when she was young too. She was once a child and more than likely displayed what she knew the other day, from what happened to her. Now that is absolutely no excuse for her behavior. Scared for her son or not, there was a more effective way to control his involvement in the debacle around Freddie Gray's death. If she had more skills in her parenting arsenal than hitting him, she would have used them...I hope.

Nonetheless, there's a reason for her actions that is being overlooked. Check this documantary clip to hear what I'm talking about.

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