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Celebrity Non-Spankers Part #8

Most folks know Elizabeth Rohm for her acting in Law and Order. Now, I know her because she is a non-compromising, anti-spanking mom! Yaaaaaassss! What strikes me most about the article you'll read if you click her picture, is that a dude could not even occupy her future space if he believed in spanking a child. LOVE THAT!!! Those of us that think this way have to be unapologetic about this. We are talking about rearing people that will not just inhabit the earth, they are going to take things over one day...or not. Folks who are beat or yelled into submission "lead" differently. Just imagine if you were raised with love you could FEEL. All the time. Not implied love, that someone claims from their mouth. No. Real feelings of endearment are what I'm talkin' bout'!

It is absolutely necessary to have a partner that shares your same views around raising up children. The one who hits will cause most confusion and it puts the other parent in an uncomfortable position where they have to choose say the least. On top of all of it you know how I feel about this behavior. IF YOU HAVE TO HIT TO PROVE A POINT TO A CHILD, THEN YOU HAVE LOW SKILLS. Dats right! I said it. We have to RAISE OUR SKILLS AND NOT OUR HANDS to rear these lil spirits. When we do, they will grow up with the ability to produce without the confusion of experienceing fear and pain from the people who are supposed to provide care and guidance. BRAVO MS. ROHM!!!

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