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Celebrity Non-Spankers Part #5

Chris Carter has these brothers stunned!!! He gave em' straight church up in here! I know you probably saw this reaction to Adrian Peterson hitting his son, but you just have to watch it again. I don't even want to say much. I just want to keep watching this clip.

The main power I get from what Chris Carter said and how he said it, is that we absolutely must stop being apologetic about discussing the wrongs of corporal punishment. It was and IS debilitating. It dumbs our children down. It chips away at their spirits. It is just outright wrong! This video echoes my mantra that it is time to RAISE OUR SKILLS AND NOT OUR HANDS to rear our children. They show you oooohh so early in life what their goals and talents are. But what do we do? If they talk too much, we tell them to shut up or only speak when spoken to. We discourage them from behavior they see in us, when we perform in our daily routines. Whether it's cursing, smoking, sleeping around, yelling, wathing too much tv, procrastinating, arguing, on and on and on...they watch it and do it. Let's do something different. Let's take the sum total of what is good in us, and package it all into something our children WANT TO learn from. Take a good look at who they are and breathe life into their talents. Help your children flourish. Being a "stop agent' ain't helping nobody, so tell them something more productive than stop. Help them GO. They need good fuel from us to know that we support them GOING...and GOING and GOING...up.

I am whole heartedly UNAPOLOGETIC about the issue of hitting our children. Yes...I AM HERE TO TELL YOU HOW WE SHOULD PARENT. YES...I HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR SPANKING CHILDREN. Why am I unapologetic...because there is nothing to apologize for when I am talking about the happiness and welfare of a child. Apologies come when harm is done. In these cases, the only apologies should be coming from the adults who lay their hands on children.

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