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Celebrity Non-Spankers Part #2

Oooooooohhhh did my girl Jada have it on point when she said, "Prepare your children in the way where they can have ANYTHING!" Many of us were raised to bellieve, and were actually told, "You can't have everything you want in life. You gotta struggle hard to achieve... blah blah blah." It's like being set up to fail from the giddy up. That viewpoint is soooo fear-based. Preparing children to lose, instead of preparing them to win, creates a person who ends up doing just that...on either end of that spectrum.

It takes a certain kind of parent to raise people who make great contributions to society. Many folks ask me what they should do instead of hitting their children to discipline them. You's not necessarily a thing to do, but a way to THINK. It's about your total view of that person you're raising and the emotions they experience on a daily basis. Those emotions shape their decisions...their goals. Giving a child a sense that they have a say in their own development establishes an incredible relationship between a child and the people raising them. It's civil. I validates the young person's input and ideas. It actually makes the parenting job easier, because the child operates out of a place of trust and reason...not fear and confusion. We can and must do an enhanced job at parenting!

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