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"Spare the Rod" Comebacks

I can't believe people actually justify beating children, because they think it's in the Bible! Spirituality is calm and endearing, Why would a spiritual book instruct one on how to bring pain to a child? know people debate me aaaaallll the time telling me that God said in the Bible that we can beat kids, right? Well here are my comebacks:

1) "Spare the rod, spoil the child?" WHO WROTE THAT? Jesus didn't write that. God did not write that. I know, It's in Proverbs, and Solomon wrote that. LET'S BE CHRIST-LIKE AND NOT SOLOMON-LIKE now sjhall we.

2) The rod?? You talkin about what the shepherds carried when tending to the sheep? Well he GUIDED the sheep with that rod, HE DID NOT BEAT THEM WITH IT when they started to go astray. Jeeeessshh!

Read more about our "Spare the Rod" handlings in the book, Beating Black Kids. Visit the home page of this site and cop it today!

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